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    With its location of No.19, Jianguomennei Street of the Dongchangan Avenue and surrounded by many departments of government, business and culture including China Customs, COFCO Plaza, Henderson Centre, Bank of Beijing, Bank of China and Beijing Railway Station etc., Chinatex Mansion is in a position where is just opposite the mansions of Beijing News Plaza Hotel and Beijing Post Centre; on the right, Chinatex Mansion is close to the places of Wangfujing Avenue, Oriental Plaza, China Network Communication; while on the left, it’s next to the buildings of All -China Women’s Federation, the Jianguo Garden Hotel, Ministry of Communicataions and Beijing International Hotel.

  With convenient communication of Changan Avenue, Chinatex Mansion, which not only has subway line 1 as well as many bus lines including routes 10, 20, 37, 205 etc. directly arriving at the front of its gate(Dongdan Station), but is quite near the Beijing Railway Station, is providing full convenience for the communication of the people in the Mansion.

  Add.: Chinatex Mansion, No.19, Jianguomennei Street, Beijing, China.

  Postcode: 100005

  Tel.: 65281122

  Email: Webmaster@chinatex.com

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