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Cotton spinning Business

  Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd was established in 1997. Originally the company, which was jointly invested by Chinatex Non-cotton, Wool & Ramie Import/Export Corp. as well as other 13 cotton spinning enterprises, was an export  trading enterprise mainly dealing in export of yarns, grey fabrics and agent business etc.. 
   Approved by Chinatex in Mar.,2003, Chinatex Non-cotton, Wool & Ramie Import/Export Corp. and the 13 cotton spinning enterprises transferred all their shares of Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd to Chinatex Corporation and Chinatex Cotton Im/Ex Corp., while Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd was reorganized as an investment holding company with Chinatex Corporation and Chinatex Cotton Im/Ex Corp. being its share holders. 
   Chinatex Corporation, in the meantime, merged all shares of its subsidiary cotton spinning enterprises including Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co.,Ltd, Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co.,Ltd and Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd into Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd on the purpose of implementing unitedly the strategic and specialized management to the shareholding cotton spinning enterprises by Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd; In 2008,Baoding Chinatex Yimian Textile Co., Ltd was set up, its’ main products are high-quality differential fiber yarn and fabrics .In 2010,Langfang Chinatex Well Nonwovens Co.,Ltd was established,its’ main producets are world’s leading non-weaving materials, the business of Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd is more complete and enhanced.. concentrating the superior resources; developing cotton spinning business in the high-grade market and building the core competitiveness of the company through capital operation, industry integration and technique innovation etc., thus realizing the sustaining development and value-added effect of the cotton spinning business of Chinatex Corporation.
  By means of shareholding and newly building, Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd is now possessing the spinning capacity in amount of 460,000 spindles, (equivalent to ring spinning) and shuttleless looms over 622 sets. The company totally produced all kinds of cotton yarn in amount of 54,000 tons, 43,000,000m of grey fabric and 2,000 tons of non-woven fabric with each of its total sales income reaching 15 million yuan in 2009. Chinatex Indestry-Trade is one of the top 30 enterprises in China textile industry. Since 2007, the enterprises held by Chinatex Industry-Trade United Co.,Ltd produced military textile orders for long-term, and  obtained the highest performance in the comprehensive assessment.

  As the largest cotton yarns production enterprise in Zhejiang province, Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co.,Ltd is now possessing 180,000 ring spinning spindles and 8 sets of German Schlafhorst AC312 OE spinning frames (totally equivalent to 210,000 spindles of ring spinning) with 2 products of OE10S/1 and OE16S/1 obtained the BELCORO quality certification which was issued by the Schlafhorst Co.,Ltd from Germany in Mar., 2003.

  Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co.,Ltd annully produces all kinds of cotton and blend yarns in amount of 24,000 tons with the main varieties being ring spinning yarns of 21S-100S and OE7S-32S. The Chunjiang brand yarn has been awarded the honorary title of the Well-known Trademark in Zhejiang province as well. Since 2006, Chunjiang Group had outstanding performance in the previous military orders bid and gained the biggest order from PLA in the comprehensive assessment, to become one of the mostimportant yarnbase of PLA

  Established since Oct.,2002, Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd has been completed and put into production during June, 2003 with its main equipment such as auto-winding frames and rotor spinning frames all imported from Trutzschler Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd and Schlafhorst Co.,Ltd in Germany along with 3 sets of state-of –the-art MVS861 vortex spinning frame made by Murata Machincery Ltd in Japan. With the production capacity of 150,000 spindles now, the main products of Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd are ranging from 32s, 40s, 60s-100s cotton yarns to the yarns of blend, ramie cotton, vortex spinning, cellulose fibre Modal, functional viscose, special polyester and siro-spinning etc.. Since 2003, Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd has gradually contacted and established the business relationship of long-term and stable goods supply as well as joint R&D with some well-known Japanese textile enterprises and nearly two-third of its products are destined to supply Japanese market directly or indirectly. In the meantime, Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd, in its cooperation with the fibre manufacturers from the upper reach, has been a direct supplier for cellulose fibre to the company of Lenzing Gruppe in Austria and functional acrylic fiber to the company of Dongyang Textile in Japan. Since 2007, Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co.,Ltd is designated as one of the seven suppliers for the military special core yarn in China.

  Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co.,Ltd, which came from its predecessor Zhucheng Cotton Spinning Factory, was purchased as well as reorgniazed by Chinatex Corporation in 2001.

  With the implementation of reconstruction project in 2006 that is including the elimination of total shuttle looms and part of the old spinning equipment, moving all air jet looms, rapier looms and the remaining spinning equipment to the economic development zone of Zhucheng city while adding 72 sets of Toyota air jet looms newly purchased from Japan, Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co.,Ltd has finalised a production capacity of 400 shuttleless looms with its annual output of various fabrics for garment and bedding to reach 28 million meters then. In the meantime, the company will have some of the uniform fabric, which is supposed to be in amount about 6 million meters annually, manufactured on contracted basis with other enterprises.

  Baoding Chinatex Yimian Textile Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinatex Corporation. The company base is located in Xushui, Baoding with capacity of 100,000 spindles & 222 imported shuttleless looms. The main equipment all imported from Germany and Japan along with AC5 automatic winder made by Schlafhorst Co., Ltd in Germany. Ring spinning, siro-spinning, compact spinning, slub yarn annual production reaches 15,000 tons and grey fabrics 15,000,000 meters. The main products are high-quality knitting and weaving yarns of differential fiber as well as grey fabrics mainly used for name brand shirts, trousers and jackets. Baoding Chinatex Yimian Textile Co., Ltd is “Fabrics China Pioneer Plant-Cotton Textile”. “Yimian” brand is reserved exclusively by Baoding Chinatex Yimian Textile Co., Ltd.Domestically, Our company is one of the earlisest enterprises to manufacture new fiber yarns including Tencel, Modal, Tanboocel in large scales. The products have been used by many famous clothes companies both at home and abroad.

  Langfang Chinatex Well Nonwovens Co., Ltd, established in July 2010which is located in Economic Development Zone, Langfang City. After the first sage of project,, the annual production of non-woven fabric will reach 2,000 tons.


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