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Cotton Business

     Chinatex Cotton Import & Export Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China National Textile Group Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise engaging in both cotton international trade and domestic cotton business. The company has been dealing in cotton import & Export business for over 50 years, it is now the biggest in china trading imported cotton and the second largest shareholder of the China National Cotton Exchange. With its well-known excellent management team and its young and professional group, the company maintains the leading position in China’s cotton international trade and enjoys first-class reputation in the international cotton industry ever since its establishment.
      The business scope of Chinatex cotton covers all taches in the industry chain including cotton import and export, import agency business, domestic procurement and trade, cotton processing, warehousing, as well as cottonseed oil production and processing. Chinatex cotton also plays as the sole cotton company in China which got the qualification of offshore hedging business.
       Chinatex Cotton plays a major role in the country’s bulk cotton importing and exporting ever since it’s founding, the company used to undertake and completely fulfill the unified management of china’s cotton import and exportation. In conformance with China’s cotton circulation system reformation and to better perform China’s WTO entry commitment, we are now continuing working on domestic business exploiting as well as improving our management mechanism and market network while at the same time, maintaining our leading position in cotton international trade. Representative offices were set up in major cotton production and trading provinces as Shandong, Nanjing, Hebei and Ningbo in China. Holding companies including Chinatex LianYungang DongYun cotton Corp. Ltd.., Chinatex Dongying Hekou YinXing cotton Corp. Ltd., and Chinatex Binzhou YinTai industries Ltd., through all these subsidiaries the company succeeded in full control of the cotton supply chain. Also, the company is positive in overseas market exploiting, with investments in Australia cotton fields and took part in cotton cultivation. Chinatex cotton has set up its well-forming marketing network with the maturity in supply chain control.
       Chinatex cotton will take the responsibility as one of the government-designated state-owned cotton import agencies in China’s WTO entry commitment, committed to the notion of determination and innovation, contribute on the benefit of our customers and to the development of China’s cotton industry.

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