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Wool/Non-cotton Business

1. Company Profile:

    Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corp. is a subsidiary company wholly-owned by Chinatex Corporation as well as the standing council member of China Wool Textile Association. The company, which has three overseas subsidiary and representative offices located in Australia, Shanghai and Zhangjiagang respectively, is mainly dealing in the business of import, processing and distribution of wool, chemical fibre, viscose and raw jute with the import business of Australian and Uruguayan wool being in the leading position of the industry for years continuously. With many years of working experience, Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corp., which has been developing and as a result, is possessing a staff team with its members full of professional knowledge, practicing experience and spirit of innovation, has established a stable and enduring co-operation relationship with many well-known domestic enterprises and abroad suppliers in the sectors of wool and chemical fibre processing. The business philosophy of Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corp.is to create value for the customers by means of providing them with quality service, products and timely business information.


2. Business Departments:


Corp. headquarter:                                                  


Dept. 1   Tel 65285344

Dept. 2      65285046

Dept. 4      65285330

Storage and Transportation


Dept.       65285122


Chinatex (Aust.) Wool Co.,Pty,Ltd.


Contact person: Mr.Liu Qingfu / Liang Zhihua

Tel: 0061-2-99572688

Chinatex (Zhangjiagang) Trading Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Mr.Yan Rongchang

Tel: 0512-52828671

Chinatex Raw Materials (Shanghai) Representative Office.

Contact person: Mr. Lu Shi / Chen Lianmin

Tel: 021-52060927



3. Business scope& import countries:


Business scope: greasy wool, scoured wool, wooltop; acrlic fibre, acrylic top; raw jute, jute yarn; caprolactam, wood pulp etc..

Countries import from: Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Bangladesh, Norway, Canada and Ukraine etc..

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